Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates:


Here at Elite Spinal Physiotherapy and Pilates we combine both Clinical Pilates and Exercise Rehabilitation methods into the same session depending on your needs. All of our practitioners have degrees in both Exercise Physiology as well as Physiotherapy.


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What is Clinical Pilates?

Pilates is a method of body conditioning which helps to achieve a stronger core, improve flexibility, posture and overall body strength.

What is Exercise Rehabilitation?

Exercise Rehabilitation is a method of progressive exercise prescription aimed at restoring normal function within the body. It involves performing intelligent exercises as instructed by your physiotherapist.

How we are different?

  • Physiotherapist led sessions
  • Small groups of maximum 4 per session
  • Health fund rebates available
  • Fully equipped, state of the art studio

Benefits of Clinical Pilates:

  • Reduced neck and lower back pain
  • Increased postural awareness and correction
  • Improved core strength and spinal stability
  • Reduced risk of injury from work and sport
  • Increased bone density
  • Whole body toning
  • Enhance performance in other physical activities

Types of sessions available:

  • Semi private (max 4 people): 50 minutes
  • Private: 60 minutes
  • Private: 30 minutes

How to get started?

We recommend having a private initial consultation. This involves a thorough assessment to discuss your needs and goals. We then devise a personalised program to meet your needs and ensure the best possible treatment.

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