Chronic Pain Rehabilitation

Chronic Pain Rehabilitation


About Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is pain that is persistent and long lasting. It can occur in many different parts of your body and present in different ways. It usually affects quality of life immensely and can vary from strong intense pain to a constant ache.

Persistent pain is less about the tissue and nerve injury at the site of the original trauma. It is more about the patterns of increased activity in the brain and spinal cord. The good news is that the central nervous system is not hard wired. It is neuroplastic, that is, it can change its own structure.

Chronic pain can present with the following symptoms:

  • Pain for longer than 3 months
  • Abnormal response to pain stimuli
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Numbness

How does the nervous system affect pain?

The Nervous Systems is made up of basic units called Neurons. These Neurons form a network pathway from the area of pain to the brain. If you have chronic pain your nervous system has a different response to pain compared to what is considered normal. This process is called ‘Central Nervous System Sensitisation’.


How can a rehab program help?

  • Strengthening the area in pain helps restore function
  • Tailored exercises can help to desensitise the nervous system
  • Gives direction as to helpful exercises to be doing
  • Improves confidence

Our Partners: Pain Medicine Sydney





Elite Spinal proudly partners with Pain Medicine Sydney. They believe effective pain management is a process, not a pill.  They empower the patient to actively manage their pain in order to encourages new neural pathways. Hence, long term the patient has less central sensitisation, activity avoidance and worry.

This is a fundamental shift in direction from medications and procedures to treat pain to the development of a whole person approach. Eventually, the person learns skills in self management to reduce their reliance on medical treatments

Their dedicated specialists offer a multi-disciplinary approach to pain management which combines medical and holistic techniques.

By recognising the social, psychological and physical factors that contribute to pain, they can give their patients the best chance of managing their pain and regaining their quality of life.

They focus on building resilience in patients through a five-step process:

  • pain diagnosis and chronic pain planning
  • support for medication rationalisation
  • cognitive behaviour therapy
  • lifestyle planning
  • interventional procedures

With more than a decade’s experience in the field, their team offers a fresh approach to pain management. Recognising pain as a ‘whole person’ issue, our process incorporates a variety of treatment options and results in more favourable patient outcomes.

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